About Us
Lincode is a leading AI-powered Visual Inspection company. We empower manufacturers through advanced technologies to improve efficiency, and production while meeting the desired ROI. Our team of experts specializes in creating powerful, no-code deep tech solutions that automate the inspection process with high accuracy, precision, and traceability.
At Lincode, we enable manufacturers to improve the speed, accuracy, and data tracking capabilities of their quality inspection systems at scale.
Higher Accuracy and Faster Turnaround
0-4 Parts per million
Enables manufacturers to reduces ‌their false positives rates to 0-4 parts per million.
10x TAT improvement
A 10x improvement in turnaround time can help improve cost and efficiency.
60% Employee efficiency
Enables manufacturers to optimize their workforce and maximize their output.
$2M savings
LIVIS helps save $2 million per factory, by reducing waste, and improving quality.
100% Uptime
LIVIS ensures 100% uptime by minimizing downtime and maximum productivity.
<30 days
Lincode visual inspection system, LIVIS, can be deployed in less than 30 days.




Automotive Catalyst Manufacturer

We really appreciate Lincode for introducing a vision system for detecting complex problems like plugged cells. Before approaching Lincode, we tried working with other vendors, but unfortunately they were not able to detect plugged cells. Lincode was able to come up with the perfect solution to solve this major issue. The solution was deployed successfully and is now running effectively. The Lincode solution has been appreciated by our global counterparts and we are looking to extend this to our plant in Japan.

Robotics Integration Company

We are into Robotic Integration, Robotic Simulation, Robotic Programming and Robotic Onsite training. We know Lincode from the past 2 years who are into vision inspection with AI and Deep Learning. We are amazed with the technology they are using with basic cameras and using AI which is far, far ahead of the conventional imaging process. They have a wonderful software team and with them we are integrating the vision system to any brand of robots. So basically we want to use their expertise and associate with them for robotic-based inspection systems, robotics-based pick and place with the help of vision and vision-based tracking systems.

Automotive Company

We are glad we could associate with a company like Lincode, which builds technology that is changing the world. Leveraging AI/ML Lincode’s deep tech solution is creating a new phase of precision and accuracy in the quality inspection sector for manufacturers, especially automotive industries across the globe. We are impressed by the innovation Lincode ‌has provided us with. We are now able to perform quality assurance with a reduced cycle time.

Electronics Manufacturer

The Lincode Visual Inspection system is very promising for the electronics manufacturing industry. The high precision and accuracy they offer is unmatched by their competitors. They have done a faster deployment in less than a month, and their product also exhibits the same qualities of doing inspections at a faster rate. We are impressed by their project handling and the quality of their solution. A true innovation to Industry 4.0.

Aerospace Manufacturer

Greatly impressed by Lincode’s technology and the team for coming up with a very innovative and effective solution to automate our quality inspections, at ease. We have been searching for a team who could meet all our requirements and help us carry out a more efficient Quality inspection than what we have been doing. LIVIS is a true phenomenon in terms of its features and increased efficiency. The LIVIS platform guarantees an increase in our ROI and 10x reduced turn-around time.